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Super Paperman is one of the Independent Games Festival 2015 Main Competition entrants

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Super Paperman now also has an entry at Indie DB.

Indie DB Entry

Super Paperman at PGA

From 24 - 26 October Secret Item Games was an exhibitor at the Poznan Game Arena in Poland and we got quite a few visitors at the booth. We showed our game, Super Paperman the first time to the public and although it still contains a lot of bugs, people quite enjoyed it.

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We also got some valuable feedback and a lot of people where really happy for the alpha invites which were given out. Also we did not just get visitors from Poland but from all around the world. Hell even people from "Skyrim" visited. Another highlight was the sudden interview one of us had to give.


All in all people really liked the game and even asked if they could already buy it and on which platforms it would release. Unfortunately we had to tell them that Super Paperman still has a long way to go and they would have to wait for getting any release information.

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Poznan Game Arena

Poznan Game Arena

The Poznan Game Arena is a games fair which runs from 24 till 26 October in Poland.

Secret Item Games will be an exhibitor in the Indie Game Zone.

There you will get your chance on trying an early version of the game, Paperman (working Title) for the first time. So visit the booth and challenge the developers, some of your friends, or some strangers to a race in Paperman.


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