Creating beautiful handcrafted worlds

Super Paperman is bringing 4 player couch co op into your living room while adding another dimension to 2D platformers

The hero in this game is called Paperman, a tiny guy made out of, surprise, paper! His job is to deliver one person´s dreams to another, making him some kind of dreamful mailman. But this tiny dude´s world is in danger: The dream world starts to drift apart, leaving our lightweight hero lost in rifts! Are you going to help him fix the dreamworld and bring people back their dreams?

But one Paperman alone might not be enough to fix the tears torn into the magic world, so grab three of your friends and glue it back together as a team! Or be quicker than your partners and take all the credit!

Super Paperman is a 2D none linear Platformer.
In Super Paperman you don´t just have a 2D path. Each stage has more than one way to the finish line. And the fore- and background elements of each stage are also part of your playing field.
Up to 4 local players can work together or against each other. All while trying to get to the finish line first as well as staying alive.
Each player can chose multiple paths to the end of a stage.
You will also be able to find special collectables in each stage. Got to find them all!