Paperman - Adventure Delivered

Paperman – Adventure Delivered is a collectathon for 1 – 4 players with singleplayer and co-op.
Teleport to faraway places, dash across dangerous surfaces, move heavy obstacles and fly through the sky with four special mail carriers made out of… well, paper.

Play as Paperman and his friends, one of 4 different mail carriers and swap characters at a moment’s notice in this single and co-op adventure.


Paperman throws letters as projectiles and can teleport short distances.
Express can dash across steep and unstable platforms.
Carl is the strongest and therefore able to move heavy objects.
Scrolly glides through the air with the help of their trusty feather.


– Choose between 4 playable mail carriers, each with their own skill set
– Explore 3 open worlds across different continents
– Swap characters at a moment’s notice
– Find hundreds of collectable items
– Discover hidden areas
– Defeat various enemies to retrieve your stolen mail
– Stop the big mail heist and save the day!